“Copyright in photos to cease to exist”

“The end game is now in sight. The Digital Economy Bill is now expected to become law within the next 6 weeks. It introduces orphan works usage rights, which – unless amended, which HMG says it will not – will allow the commercial use of any photograph whose author cannot be identified through a suitably negligent search. That is potentially about 90% of the photos on the internet.
Copyright in photos is essentially going to cease to exist, since there is no ineradicable way of associating ownership details short of plastering your name right across the image.” ~ Copyright Action web site

Photographers are urged to write to their MP. Pressure on our elected representatives is now the only way to stop the Bill, and time is short.

Read the full article and download a Template letter to your MP – HERE

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2 Responses to “Copyright in photos to cease to exist”

  1. Bill Eger says:

    Is there an accessible archive of material on if and how The Digital Economy Bill is being viewed by the United States government? My home is Hawai`i and citizens on these islands are frequently among the last in the world to learn of significant issues. While I’ll be using Google to catch up, I would very much appreciate any particularly valuable information.

  2. Brett Manley says:

    I have spent the whole morning on my email trying to get petitions signed to stop Adult Education Colleges from being closed and sidelined so the Tories can destroy anything that keeps a civilized society approachable for the poorer members of society……. Now
    this………. Would they like us all to give up and go on the dole?!!!!!!!!!! Yet another part of our basic needs to crumble………. It makes me want to weep……….

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