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Ed HorwichPRODIG originated from an idea by me, Ed Horwich, during a meeting of the Digital Imaging Group in London in 1996. Martin Evening worked with me to formulate the concept and the Guideline rules and we jointly managed and steered the List for several years.

These days we have both moved out of the daily limelight (though currently I'm back doing some Listmom duties). I continue to manage the facilities providing the List and oversee the Listmom Team, whilst also developing the Prodig web site. Martin has become a major force in Photoshop and Lightroom books, but continues as an ambassador for Prodig by including mention of it in his writings and many seminars around the globe.
For the last several years the "Listmom Team" (*see below) has been keeping the conversation on Prodig running smoothly. All are digital imaging professionals and give their time on a completely voluntary basis.

Prodig has quickly expanded to become an international forum for Digital pros' with membership spread across the globe.

PRODIG keeps to a disciplined focus on "issues about the digital image".

PRODIG is one of the longest running professional digital imaging email lists on the internet

Since its founding, Prodig has managed to remain a focused group by insisting on an adherence to its core topics. We also recognise that the professional digital imaging field has evolved and changed over Prodig's lifetime and, along with it, that Prodig has become a central reference point for digital image makers.

PRODIG - a working tool for professionals

Please respect the fact that Prodig is designed as a working tool for professionals - and all posts are expected to reflect that level of discussion.

Manufacturers and Software Developers take part as ordinary subscribers and abide by the same rules.

PRODIG - sustained by volunteer effort

List-owner: Ed Horwich
Listmom: Francis Newman
Listmom: Keith Cooper

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The vision of the early proponents of digital imaging has totally changed our lives. It was an incredible learning curve and much of it seeming to be intelligible only to those who were seemingly prepared to forego the pleasures of fresh air and spend long hours staring at a flickering screen. But out of their efforts came ProDig and a willingness to share their hard-won expertise with those us, who like myself, had no real interest all the ‘techie’ stuff...

...for me all that ‘techie’ stuff has actually been a liberating factor

...Lands of Peace... would have been impossible had I been shooting on film. This project... has produced over 20,000 images and the resultant exhibitions have now been seen by over ten million people in more than 30 cities around the world.

...all made possible by digital techniques - most of which I have gleaned from the amazing generosity and knowledge of members of ProDig.

The devotion and endurance of the ListMoms has been truly fantastic and I know that ProDig has helped me extend my working abilities in ways which I would never have managed on my own.

Photography has got to be one of the greatest ways of making a living: I have been paid to work in over 60 countries and met some fantastic people on the way and the spirit of ProDig has been a really incredible ingredient  in my life.

So thank you Ed and all the ListMoms, thank you fellow ‘flashers’ for all the shared expertise and insights which have so enriched my understanding.

Mike St. Maur Sheil


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