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As a professional, digital photography is an essential part of your remunerative work.

If you are confident of contributing at the same level as full-time professionals please do consider joining the discussion. Make sure that you understand the nature of Prodig before considering sending a message.
If the Listmoms consider your contributions not appropriate you could be prevented from posting.




Thus you are expected to investigate existing sources of information before sending messages to Prodig.
We strongly urge participants to be self-monitoring and self-editing.

Listmoms will occasionally feel it pertinent to intervene. You must respect the instructions you receive. Failure to do so can ultimately lead to your exclusion.

- Listmoms are aware that on rare occasions members might be desperate to call for help* that is Off-Topic when no other avenue is immediately available. In such circumstances you must request that replies be sent off-list. Also be aware that if you post messages of this kind too easily or too often you risk being excluded -

* You must check with the Listmom before sending.

[Note: Listmoms are also full-time Di pros who have to earn a living, therefore please understand that they cannot enter into extended personal correspondence]

Message Etiquette
Your conduct is always expected to conform to the best traditions of List Etiquette.

Be kind and courteous
We're all in this together to create a welcoming environment. Let's treat everyone with respect. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required.

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You must NEVER use disrespectful or inflammatory language, even when you strongly disagree with another view.

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Further guidelines...

Email viruses are a common occurrence of which you should be aware and taking your own steps to update your knowledge. Therefore they are excluded from the List. Instead, for more information go to one of the Anti-virus information web sites such as:

No announcement are permitted without asking permission and submitting a full copy to the Listmom for consideration. Announcements are rare, so please do not be offended if you are refused.

If you are a consultant or someone with a product or service that needs to be referred to as part of an ongoing discussion, do so. If the Listowner finds the posting pushy or you beat the drum too frequently expect to be unsubscribed without warning.

This List does not carry advertising. Direct & pushy promotion of existing products by manufacturers or distributors is not permitted.

However membership of and participation in the list by Manufacturers, Distributors and Service providers is keenly encouraged.

If a user has posted factually incorrect information, manufacturers or distributors should of course correct the facts, and helpful advice and pointers from manufacturers will doubtless influence list members' perception of them and their products.

New-Product announcements.
If you have a new product , we'd like to know about it (bearing the above in mind). Please keep it very short and include an URL of the web site announcement.

The List is NOT a place for "classified ads". However occasional postings of privately owned digital-imaging items for sale (or wanted) are permitted if they are relevant to the topic. You MUST prefix the Subject line with "FOR SALE". If the list owner considers you are abusing this privilege expect to be unsubscribed without warning.

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